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Erica and Tori met in 2000 and have spent many nights dreaming about ways they could, together, make a difference in the world. Finally, in 2016 Tori read an article in People Magazine about a young woman graduating from USC who had been in the foster care system. The article stated that 3% of foster youth graduated college. Upon reading this, Tori called Erica and said “I found our nonprofit, 3% is simply not enough.” And from that moment, Dreams33 was born.

our team

Tori Humphrey


Tori graduated from the University of San Diego in 2001, receiving a bachelor’s degree in English and minoring in psychology and sociology. She attended Notre Dame de Namur University to obtain her California teaching credential and a master’s degree in English, with an emphasis in creative writing. She also has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of San Francisco. Post-college, she spent 10 years in education, mostly teaching middle school English and math. She is currently on the board of directors of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area. From 2009 to 2019, she served as the President of the Burns Family Foundation, a private foundation which provides financial support to local 501c3 non-profits organizations, typically those that focus on youth education and sports. She previously sat on the board of directors for Palcare Child Care Center.

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Erica Headley


Erica received her B.A. in Clinical Psychology from San Jose State University. Before co-founding Dreams33, Erica worked for 13 years developing programs for the homeless, battered women, and low-income. Her focus was to create paths for the underserved to find stability and personal growth. Over the last six years, Erica has also served her community as Fundraising Chair for both Redwood City Little League and the local elementary school.

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Steve Humphrey


Steve graduated from San Francisco State University in 2000 with a degree in broadcasting. He currently sits on the board of directors of Unravel Pediatric Cancer Foundation and is a member of the committee on athletics at San Francisco State University. He also previously served as an advisor to the Burns Family Foundation. Steve’s interest in Dreams33 lies in his belief that every child, regardless of circumstance and background, should have every opportunity to further their education and be able to achieve the life they want. He truly believes that Dreams33 will benefit the population of foster youth by providing them with the resources and opportunities that may not otherwise be available to them.

Samantha Wickstrom


Samantha graduated from University of San Francisco in 2014 with a degree in kinesiology. After working in underserved schools for three years, she returned to graduate school at Fordham University, graduating with an MSW in spring 2020. Dreams33 Foundation will be the first board on which she sits. When asked why she is interested in serving on the board of Dreams33, Sam replied, “As I have gained perspective thus far in my life, I learned how privileged I have been to have consistency and stability in my financials, educational experience, and housing. The resources available to me allowed me to transition into adulthood while feeling safe and secure. There is an opportunity gap that exists for youth who transition out of the foster care system. I know that many young people who are transitioning into adulthood did not have the supports I did, but do have an incredible potential for success. I hope that in my time with Dreams 33 I am able to watch this organization work hard to lessen that opportunity gap. I think that Dreams 33 has the potential to be an organization that empowers and lifts-up the foster care community. I believe it can grow through collaboration with this community, not just to serve it, but to work in tandem with those who have insight and understandings that will help build positive programming and support systems for so many young people.”

Jon Riley


Jon received his B.A. from Santa Clara University in Economics. In 2011 he founded an Investment Advisory firm (Riley Friedman Asset Management) that primarily serves individual investors. As an active member of the community he volunteers for several organizations. In addition to the Foundation, he serves on the Member Advisory Group of Star One Credit Union, is an officer of ICF Branch 47, and is on the School Advisory Council of Saint Joseph Mountain View. Jon decided to join the Dreams33 board because he was moved by an event he attended a few years ago, held by Pivotal. Hearing the stories of the difficult path many foster children face was truly eye opening for him and after the event he realized he wanted to be part of helping youth in similar positions change their lives. Jon’s goal for Dreams33 is to helping to provide the education and resources foster youth need to reach their full potential.

Madison Dean


Madison is currently a senior at the University of San Diego, and will graduate with a major of Business Administration and a minor in non-profit . She has spent time volunteering with the Lemo Foundation and is currently an intern with both Dreams33 and Lucky Duck Foundation. When asked why she was interested in interning with Dreams33, Madison stated, “I chose to get involved with Dreams33 because I saw how much potential there was within the members of the foundation to truly make a difference for foster youth. My aunt (Tori Humphrey) has always inspired me to get involved with matters that are important to me and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. My wish is for everyone to have the chance to pursue their dreams and it is my pleasure to be able to help people do so. I believe that Dreams33 will be able to make a true difference in the lives of foster youth because of how passionate we are about helping others. I think that because this foundation has ideas for true involvement with foster youth rather than only focusing on monetary assistance, we will be able to positively impact foster youth in a large capacity.”