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Madison Dean


Madison is currently a senior at the University of San Diego, and will graduate with a major of Business Administration and a minor in non-profit. She has spent time volunteering with the Lemo Foundation and is currently an intern with both Dreams33 and Lucky Duck Foundation. When asked why she was interested in interning with Dreams33, Madison stated, “I chose to get involved with Dreams33 because I saw how much potential there was within the members of the foundation to truly make a difference for foster youth. My aunt (Tori Humphrey) has always inspired me to get involved with matters that are important to me and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. My wish is for everyone to have the chance to pursue their dreams and it is my pleasure to be able to help people do so. I believe that Dreams33 will be able to make a true difference in the lives of foster youth because of how passionate we are about helping others. I think that because this foundation has ideas for true involvement with foster youth rather than only focusing on monetary assistance, we will be able to positively impact foster youth in a large capacity.”

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