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Sam Wickstrom


Sam graduated from University of San Francisco in 2014 with a degree in kinesiology. After working in the public school system for three years, she returned to graduate school at Fordham University, graduating with an MSW in spring 2020. Dreams33 Foundation will be the first board on which she sits. When asked why she is interested in serving on the board of Dreams33, Sam replied, “As I have gained perspective thus far in my life, I learned how privileged I have been to have consistency and stability in my financials, educational experience, and housing. The resources available to me allowed me to transition into adulthood while feeling safe and secure. There is an opportunity gap that exists for youth who transition out of the foster care system. I know that many young people who are transitioning into adulthood did not have the supports I did, but do have an incredible potential for success. I hope that in my time with Dreams 33 I am able to watch this organization work hard to lessen that opportunity gap. I think that Dreams 33 has the potential to be an organization that empowers and lifts-up the foster care community. I believe it can grow through collaboration with this community, not just to serve it, but to work in tandem with those who have insight and understandings that will help build positive programming and support systems for so many young people.”

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