As a Dreams33 scholar, you have qualified to receive an Educational Grant for the 2021-2022 school year.  A Dreams33 Educational Grant is an annual grant for
students currently enrolled in school and in good academic standing.  Please read through the details below carefully. There is information you will need to return to us in order to receive your grant.

The Dreams33 Educational Grant is to help offset expenses throughout the school year.  While the grant is unrestricted, we do expect the funds to be used towards
educational needs.  You will receive half of the money in fall and the other half in spring, with proof of enrollment.  The amount of your grant is based on your status as a full-time or part-time student.  Four-year college, university, private, and vocational program students can receive up to $5000 a year and community college students up to $3000 a year. Since this is an annual grant, Dreams33 does not accept requests for other needs throughout the school year. Please use this money responsibly to make sure that your educational costs are met.

There are two ways to receive your funds:

Dreams33 will transfer directly to your bank account.  Please note, if you chose this option, you may be taxed on the amount.  You will need to talk to an accountant to determine what you might owe.

Please provide:
- Full name
- Account number
- Routing number

Dreams33 will send a check to your school financial aid office to be deposited into your school account.  If you have an outstanding balance, your school will use the money to pay it and if there is any remaining money you will receive a check.  You will not be taxed on the money received.

Please provide:
- School department and mailing address to send the grant check

Please fill out the information requested below and attach ALL documents.

PDFs are preferred, but if you are taking screenshots, please make sure your name is included in each shot.

We will not transfer funds until we have ALL of the required documents.

Please fill out the information requested below. We will not transfer funds until all of the required documents are submitted.