Dreams33 is here to support any one who has spent time in the foster care system. We have three different programs to ensure we can support as many foster youth possible.
  • Scholarships are designed for foster youth from San Mateo or Placer Counties thinking about or entering college. Youth ages 13 – 19 may apply if they are currently in school and in good standing. Students who are in high school while applying will be awarded the promise of a scholarship for once they begin college.
  • Educational Grants are here to support youth from the Greater Bay Area and Placer County already in college, community college, or an accredited vocational program. These grants are to help offset expenses while pursuing their higher education. Youth 18 and older may apply if they are enrolled in school and in good standing.
No, regardless of income a scholar may apply for any program, which may be funded based on unmet need.
For your application to be considered ready for review, please include the following:
  • The completed application
  • A personal statement
  • Proof of being currently enrolled in a school and in good standing
  • Letter of dependency from state/county
  • Photo ID
  • Transcripts
No. Any student, formerly or currently in the foster care system, is welcome to apply.
Dreams33 has three programs, each designed to help fill the gaps for foster youth pursuing their higher education.
  • Scholarships are based on unmet need and school of choice.
  • Educational Grants are up to $5000 for a university or private vocational school and up to $3000 for a community college.
Yes. Dreams33 is here to fill each scholar’s unmet need. Participation in other programs and/or receipt of other grants/scholarships does not exclude a scholar from our programs.

If you have any questions not covered above, please feel free to click here to email us. Someone will return your message within 24 hours.