$700: Christine wishes to go to Universal Studios


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About My Wish

My wish is to go to Halloween haunt at Universal Studios but it has always been too expensive. Halloween is all of our favorites holidays, and it would be extremely fun for us to go. We have never been to Universal Studios but all of the videos and commercials make it seem so fun. This would seriously be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. This would mean the world to me if myself and my family could take a really fun trip together. This would make all of the tough times in school so worth it, we could get out of the house and have fun not worrying about the expenses that we couldn’t afford. Our family loves Halloween and this would be the most awesome experience we’ve ever done. This experience would be so much better if my wish was granted because my family and I don’t need to worry about the proper funds. Without you guys helping me we would probably never get the opportunity. My boyfriend and our six-year-old son are also in school so this would be the best vacation we could ever ask for. Thanks so much! – Christine