$1000: Joli wishes to replace stolen equipment


for Joli

963 dollars needed

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About My Wish

I’ve done a lot of surviving, and with surviving  comes putting my responsibilities first. I took a huge hit last month, having my car destroyed and broken into on SF State campus.  This was the night I came home from promoting my fitness brand and couldn’t get to my storage. Losing a ton of equipment and humbly pushing on I’ve been on stress overload. What I’m asking for is to cover the cost of the equipment I lost. The result of me losing my equipment is I wasn’t able to travel to clients and losing even more income. Please take a look at my Instagram or website. I’m a well know beautiful vibrant spirit in Oakland California healing men and women one person at a time. I appreciate all of the help and will continue to keep my grades. Funny enough my job brings me joy,  I enjoy uplifting and healing people and until my car situation I was rolling in a great pace into 2021. I hope to get back on this pace after my wish is granted I am thankful for the opportunity to even be heard. – Joli