$1000: Selena wishes for a Playstation or Disneyland tickets


for Selena

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About My Wish

Hello my name is Selena, I am 25 years old. I am the 4th child out of 9 siblings I want to choose something I can share with my siblings . I have been thinking about what I would like for my wish it was really hard to choose something . After all the thinking I came to a conclusion my final decision is a ps5 because I will be able  to connect it in the living to share the system with my family . If I am not able to get it the PS5  because I know it’s hard at the moment to get one I would like to get tickets for me and my family to a amusement park like Disneyland or universal studios because my mom could never afford to take all of us. Till this day we have never been there before and it would be so amazing to have a family trip. If I do get the tickets  there are 8 adults including my mom and 1 teenager who is 15 years old and a child that is 8 years old. I know there are so many of us so I truly understand if my wish does not come true it can be expensive . I appreciate everything and I want to give you thanks for taking your time to read my wish . None of them know I asked for this wish so they will all be surprised. – Selena