$700: Justin wishes for a yoga class membership.


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About My Wish

My name is Justin, I am a motivated first generation college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University (SFSU). I am currently pursuing a Masters of Social Work degree. As a first year MSW, Title IV-E student at SFSU I look forward to providing services to underserved populations. Currently, I am with the San Francisco Unified School District as the Foster Youth Services intern at John O’Connell High School. As a former foster youth, I am passionate about supporting transitional aged foster youth. My goals are to bridge the gap between the independent living skills program and the guardian scholars program. This will help current and former foster youth find a direct pathway to higher education. By supporting young people in reclaiming their power and eliminating barriers to health and success, more is possible. In addition to my lived experience, I bring an expertise in public speaking, community engagement, and non-profit programming. This wish is for a six month membership for yoga classes.