$400: Jacqueline wishes to sew and get healthy


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About My Wish

Buying a sewing machine would relieve my loss of clothing/items last year when I had to move due to the pandemic. I don’t have a car so I had to leave many of my belongings behind unfortunately. I’ve been given clothes from friends but a lot of it doesn’t fit me correctly and instead of buying a new closet that I don’t have the money for I want to make due with what I have. I am also wishing for workout gear. Working out is important to me because it helps me relieve some steam from my day. Mentally and physically it has helped me improve since I started. I value working out as self care and as a necessity for my well-being. Having these funds would help me maintain a better mentality through this pandemic and stay physically healthy in order to continue pushing through college. Any support helps greatly and I am highly appreciative of it. Thank you for even considering my wish. It’s been a rough couple of months and spreading this support brings comfort to me knowing people are willing to help. Thank you Dreams33. – Jacqueline