$700: Jon wishes for help with his pet’s medical bills.


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About My Wish

When I was in foster care, I really wanted to get adopted but they told me teens don’t usually get adopted. So, it’s like I made up for that a bit when I was able adopt Momo and her two daughters Lili and Lulu from a rescue to create our makeshift family. What I’m wishing for is tumor removal surgery for my pet Lulu who has breast cancer. She needs two masses removed, but I can’t afford the $740 life-saving operation. If she doesn’t get the procedure, the tumors will most likely keep growing and burst resulting in a fatal infection. They are allowed to be with me on-campus as support animals with my disability accommodation. I’m autistic so I have trouble connecting with humans, and they help me feel less alone. They are my only family. I really don’t want to let Lulu go, especially when I know that an operation could extend her life span for more than a year. She means so much to me, so my wish is that someone will please save her life so we can stay a family a bit longer..