$450: Denisse wishes for a juicer.


450 dollars needed

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About My Wish

Hello, My name is Denisse, I am 21 years old in college. I am double majoring and double minoring in college. I am a biology physiology and nutrition and dietetics major, I am vegan because I want to help animals and their rights, help the planet, and for my own health. I chose to be a nutrition major because I want to help low income minorities to have a healthier life so they can live longer, healthier, and not go through horrible, painful and chronic diseases. I have been wanting to get this juicer for 2 years but its a bit pricey for me as a college student.  As a Nutrition major I saw the benefits of making home made juices so not add any chemicals or added sugars. With this juicer I would be able to make my own juices for my breakfasts.