$500: Carlos wishes for professional clothes.


A gift from thee to me to help me look sharp in my new internship with the city planning department. I’m ready to dress the part and celebrate this win. A Zara gift card for business attire.

275 dollars needed

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About My Wish

I’m a rising senior majoring in Urban Studies and Planning. Given that I’m approaching my last year of uni, I’ve been working my butt off to secure a summer internship that will help me begin my career journey. I finally got one! I’m very eager to learn more about the field, gain experience and meet many important future connects that will help propel me into the workforce. My professional wardrobe looks a bit…empty. I want to go for a professional dapper look that will help me put a pep in my step and give me some extra confidence! With your support I’ll be able to rock some new business wear while starting this new chapter in my life. In my free time you can find me mediating, watching sunsets at the beach, or reading. Thank you for reading about me and my wish!