$500 : Erial wishes for yoga classes and a job fair pass


for Erial

425 dollars needed

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About My Wish

Yoga classes will be invaluable to me because it will allow me time to move my body and focus more on myself. Being a parenting student and going to school full time can a lot and overwhelming yoga can help me find more peace in the chaos of life. I really think yoga classes can help me center myself. Lastly I would like admission to a virtual conference they are doing five workshops in April it’s 10 dollars per workshop. These workshop will better help me find a job I been without a job since the pandemic started. Going to these workshops could possibly help me figure out what other jobs I can find that match my expertise. I would be grateful for whatever amount of money Dreams33 can spare and I’m so thankful that people are thinking of current and former foster youth mental well-being during these crazy times. – Erial