$2,000: Griselda wishes to go to Disneyland


for Griselda

1900 dollars needed

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About My Wish

My one wish would be able to take my children out on a Disneyland trip. As a single mother of two, it’s really amazing to myself how I am able to juggle so many tasks while maintaining a full-time job while being a full-time student and able still to maintain my children’s education and future plans. Some people ask me how do I do it, but there no really on how to do it, besides on trying everyday. I would really appreciate if we would be able to stay on site so my wish would be if you would help me with a Disneyland Hotel resort trip that would just be so meaningful to my kids to know that I am able to take them on a trip and get away from all the craziness we’ve been through I’ve been super tough for me to balance my work and my daughters school learning while trying to able to maintain a college degree. For some reason I wake up every day I try my best with a smile even though I do have stressful moments I won’t let that face my moment to keep on trying. Thank you so much. – Griselda