$6,135: David wishes for help with dental surgery.


for David

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About My Wish

My name is David. Throughout the course of this pandemic I have been able to get access to long delayed medical and dental care. Sadly, growing up I did not have stable access to dental care. There were some years I did not go at all. As a result, I have become aware of new dental concerns and have since had eleven dental visits over the last three months. As you can imagine that has been costly, and extremely exhausting. As a result of a severe underbite, a dental condition when the lower set of teeth sit further forward than the upper teeth, I am more prone to deal with tooth decay from excessive wear of tooth enamel, halitosis, and bacterial infections. This results in a need for dental work, such as crowns and fillings. Unfortunately, my underbite and the ensuing issues that come from it are not the only issues I face. My bottom jaw is overgrown. Like many people who have an underbite, I am extremely conscious of my smile. I avoid getting photos taken, and hate public speaking. As you can imagine, this takes a mental and emotional toll. It also can impact my success in the classroom. In order to remedy these issues, I will be receiving double jaw surgery once I finish the remaining dental work I need, and go through the remainder of my consultation process. This surgery will require me to go under, and spend some time in the hospital. I expect the cost to be around $6,135. I am kindly and humbly requesting you cover the full amount. That said, I would be grateful for any financial support you can offer, to go towards this surgery and braces. – David