$700 : Bakari wishes for a professional camera


for Bakari

600 dollars needed

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About My Wish

This would be an exciting experience for me because it can jumpstart a possible career of entrepreneurship. Being a photographer, I can book clients for photo shoots along with starting a website. There are a lot of ideas that I’d like to try and pursue and getting a camera will be the first big investment to my potential brand. I took yearbook in high school and worked as an intern at a media arts center. Both yearbook and my internship helped break me out of my shell because I was very insecure and antisocial in grade school. Taking yearbook, I became more comfortable with approaching and interacting with complete strangers who happened to be students at the same school as myself. When I see a camera, I see opportunity and courage; only because it gave me mine. I have knowledge and skill in media arts so this investment will definitely be resourceful. – Bakari