$1300: Ivan wishes for a gaming PC and monitor


for Ivan

1295 dollars needed

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About My Wish

I want to start off by thanking Dreams33 for such a wonderful opportunity. During these difficult and tumultuous times finding the fun—or even having fun—can be difficult. Therefore, allowing us—the Dreams33 Scholars—to fill our lives with fun makes me grateful and happy.

My wish falls under the category of gaming systems. More specifically, my wish is to get a new desktop monitor and gaming PC in order to start a streaming channel on Twitch. Streaming is the act of displaying one’s online creative content to a community of friends and subscribers. Twitch is the platform which provides its users with the streaming environment which is free to use.

A new gaming PC is already equipped with the necessary parts that allow for fast and reliable streams. In other words, it can handle the stress of online gaming, as well multiple tabs and applications running in the background, without lag or internet issues. My current school laptop sometimes has trouble with multiple programs and tabs open; a gaming PC would handle that and more seamlessly. Fortunately, if gifted a new gaming PC and accompanying monitor, I could also use it for research, writing, and editing purposes. I have recently spoken to Gina Manion (a Dreams33 Scholar Advocate) about my strong interests in becoming a novelist. We both agreed that any good writer needs access to a reliable computer/PC to do good work; and as stated earlier, my laptop slows down or fails to respond from time to time.

A new gaming PC would allow me a twofold benefit: ability to produce good work and have fun play. When it comes to editing and writing my novels, a new gaming PC would hold up without any
issues. If I wanted to play an online multiplayer game with friends it would also perform without any issues. As a result, a new gaming PC and monitor would both improve my quality of work in terms of my creative writing and the quality of happiness and fun I get from playing online games.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my wish. – Ivan