$700: Sarah wishes for a gym membership and shoes


for Sarah

600 dollars needed

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About My Wish

I feel bad as if I am asking for too much. It would be nice to have a gym membership. I have always wanted to find an affordable personal trainer. I still haven’t come across something that is financially feasible. The gym and a trainer is something I could never afford with my budget and debt load. I am overweight 328 lbs to be exact and would love the opportunity to get fit and be in better health for myself and for my children. I have only one pair of shoes that are falling apart because when it comes to buying shoes my kids come first.  My kids would love to get pricey shoes like Nike’s, but I just can managed to afford something that pricey without going into further debt. I need to stay focused on work to provide for my kids and school so I can accomplish my dream of becoming a doctor. I know that these ugly struggles are hard now, but once the sacrifice of school is done I can give back to my children and stop the vicious cycle from repeating. – Sarah