Alondra wishes for shopping funds.


I understand that monetary wishes are rarely granted. I hope that you’ll be able to reconsider. I have managed my finances as best as possible while working a part-time job and attending school full-time. Unfortunately, it has been more challenging than I assumed to lower my credit card debt and have enough for my everyday bills. I ask for some go-to money for when I need it. I am close to clearing my debt and hope to achieve this by the time I finish my educational career.

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Scholar Biography

I am a first-generational student close to getting her Bachelor’s in Legal Studies by the end of 2023 or early 2024. I have managed to avoid accumulating any school financial debt while simultaneously working on paying off my debt before I transferred. I do not receive financial assistance from family members or request it from anyone else. I am grateful enough that my studies are being taken care of. This particular request, as odd as it may be, is to have some emergency money to fall back on. My school schedule has allowed me to work a part-time job that limited the income I received, which has made it a slower process to relieve myself of some financial burdens. My main focus in working is to pay it off so I can be free of debt by graduation.