$500: Erial wishes for a facial and products.


450 dollars needed

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About My Wish

I am a former foster youth, rising senior at San Francisco State University, mother, affordable housing advocate, foster youth advocate, and mental health advocate. I aspire to be a Phd candidate upon graduating and help dismantle systematic oppression in inherent public policies such as education, public assistance programs and criminal justice. Additionally, I am working towards conducting further research on the triad of effects that poverty has on people of color and immigrants. She hopes to leave the world a better place ,where there will be more equity and inclusion for all people. I feel this essay contest embodies the work I want to do in getting unethical practices in our society.

I am requesting a gift to Elite MD for there esthetician services nothing like getting a facial by someone who specializing in melanated skin nothing would make feel better then have my face free of dark spots. I usually don’t get facials because of the high cost associated with them but this will be such an amazing treat after such a long and tiresome semester. This mama needs some me time and nothing better says that then a facial.