Sherrell wishes for home decor.


I am currently attending SF STATE and pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Public Health. I recently moved to a new apartment but unfortunately lost my job due to retaliation of reporting discrimination. It was very hard to lose my job at the same time as getting anew apartment. I was worried about paying bills and furnishing my apartment. I’m barely keeping up with bills so furnishing the apartment has been put on the back burner. It’s super important to me to make this place as homey as possible.

Scholar Biography

After growing up in foster care, all I want is stability. I’ve never been able to get comfortable because I always knew I’d have to move again. But I plan to be here for a while so I’d love to make this place a home and furnish it the way that would make me most comfortable. I feel like the more comfortable I am in my home, the more I’ll thrive in live and school and other ventures of my life.