Wendy wishes to go to the Outside Lands Festival.


I am wishing for Outside Land 2023 3 Day General Admission tickets. If I get the Outside Land tickets, it would be awesome because it’s something for me to look forward to and not just in the present where I have to balance my busy schedule to have fun when I can. The band Foo Fighters will be performing and hearing their music live would be a life time experience! It’s also going to allow me to discover other artists that will be performing.

Scholar Biography

My name is Wendy, I am a mathematics major and I minor in Asian American studies. This semester I did not expect to be this busy, but I joined a school program where I am a facilitator to elementary students where I help them think mathematically with games alongside my part time job I do on the weekends on top of going to school M-F. I do like that I was able to find a program within my field to help me get a glimpse of my career, I will be continuing to join this program the following school year as I continue school.