Together we can make a difference beyond our wildest dreams.

At Dreams33, we strive to make the dreams of youth in foster care come true through helping them to further their education.

One Million people.

Make a dream come true for just $20.

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Our Mission

Dreams33 is a non-profit foundation providing financial assistance for foster youth who are dedicated to their higher education. Dreams33 strives to make a positive college experience for foster youth by filling the gaps needed to make all students successful.


Dreams33 offers scholarships, grants, and microgrants. Once accepted as a Dreams33 scholar, a student is enrolled in our program for the remainder of their educational journey, as long as they are actively enrolled in school and in good standing. We welcome current college students, as well as graduating high school students, to apply at this time.

Low Educational Attainment

4% of foster youth hold a college degree by age 26, as compared with 36% of the general population.

Foster Youth


General Population


Youth in Foster Care

Over 437,000 children and youth are in foster care.


Without higher education, by age 24, 50% of foster youth will be unemployed.

Our Story

Dreams 33 Founders Erica and Tori met in 2000 and have spent many nights dreaming about ways they could, together, make a difference in the world. Finally, in 2017 Tori read an article in People Magazine about a young woman graduating from USC who had been in the foster care system. The article stated that 3% of foster youth graduated college. Upon reading this, Tori called Erica and said, “I found our nonprofit, 3% is simply not enough.” And from that moment, Dreams33 was born.


The number 33 was Tori’s dad’s lucky number. Without him, Dreams33 would be only a dream in Tori and Erica’s head.
“In Memory of Cindi Ebert – This is in gratitude and in memorial of my mom who dedicated her life in education of juvenile hall and had a love for her foster kids she taught.”

Melissa & Mike Campbell

“Thank you for what you are doing for these kids!”

Kristie & Chris Clark

“In Memory of Sue Burns – To the Dreams33 students, just know an entire village awaits to support you! Tori and Erica, thank you for making Dreams33 a dream come true!”

Dani Gasparini

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