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- Our Mission -

Dreams33 is a non-profit foundation clearing barriers for youth impacted by foster care who wish to pursue higher education. We provide support and services to ensure every child has the opportunity for the education needed to achieve their dreams.


Meet our Team

Faces Behind Dreams33

At Dreams33, our dedicated team of staff and volunteers work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of current and former foster youth. Our diverse team brings together professionals with expertise in education, social work, and non-profit management, as well as individuals with personal experiences in the foster care system. Their passion and commitment drive our mission to empower foster youth through higher education.

Our Founders' Story

From Idea to Impact

Dreams 33 Founders Erica and Tori met in 2000 and have spent many nights dreaming about ways they could, together, make a difference in the world. Finally, in 2017 Tori read an article in People Magazine about a young woman graduating from USC who had been in the foster care system. The article stated that 3% of foster youth graduated college. Upon reading this, Tori called Erica and said, “I found our nonprofit, 3% is simply not enough.” And from that moment, Dreams33 was born.


About our Scholars

Inspiring Scholarship Stories

Dreams33 is honored to have awarded scholarships to numerous foster youth, thanks to our gracious donors' support. These determined and talented students inspire us with their stories of success, proving the life-changing impact of education. We are proud to share their inspiring journeys with you as they express their heartfelt gratitude.