The simple act of caring is heroic.

Be a Hero this Holiday Season

The simple act of caring is heroic. Be a hero this holiday season.
With the holidays around the corner, you may wonder what this season is like for a student in foster care or just aging out and on their own. As a young adult trying to navigate school and independence without the support system many of us take for granted, the holiday season is more of a challenge and less of a celebration. While we can never replace a family, we can share a little joy and let these students know someone cares.

Share your holiday joy and help fill a Holiday Cheer Box for a student today! Please help us raise enough to send every one of these amazing students a little cheer and love.

Your gift is tax deductible as per your local regulations, as we are a tax-exempt organization. – 501c3 #83-1710717

Making Dreams Come True

See How Your Donation to Holiday Cheer Boxes Brought Joy to Scholars

Take a glimpse into the impact of Holiday Cheer Boxes on the lives of foster youth and young adults aging out of the system. Hear directly from scholars who have received these generous gifts and how it has brought them joy and appreciation during the holiday season.  

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Thanks for setting up Dreams 33
Knowing “the system” first hand we want foster youth to know they are loved and worth it!
- Jennifer Giusti
Hoping this adds a little extra cheer this holiday...xoxo
A little giving goes a long way. Wonderful cause. ❤️
Great cause!
- Yvonne Schultz
So proud of you, Tori, and this wonderful organization.
- Patricia McGovern
Love this Cause!
- Charlie Gaulke
Congrats on the launch of your non-profit! Wishing the organization much success in the future.
- Amy Newby
I attended junior college and state college as an adult with kids. School changes lives and support makes a big difference!
- Lisa Joyce
We love what you’re doing! ❤️
- Julia Tomko
What an amazing organization
- such a worthwhile cause!
- Jennifer Gregg
Tori- thank you for being such a beautiful soul and creating such a beautiful organization.
- Julie Mandia
No one deserves more holiday cheer than our foster youth. Many thanks to Dreams 33 for making this a reality!
- Eden Orlando
Kids who end up in foster care deserve support to create a meaningful life. What a wonderful organization!
- Cory LaZansky
Tori, Thank you for caring for so many! Your organization is awesome!! Best of luck! Pam
- Pam Shukait
My awareness of foster children’s journey has intensified since my nephew and his wife opened their hearts and home to two sisters this past year.
- Theresa Quinlan
love what you all are doing!!
- Brent Brennan
Proud to support this effort that will make a difference and an impact on many! Best wishes to you all!
- The Crowley Family
Thank you for you are doing for these kids! Sending ♥️
- Kristie Clark
Wanted to support my sister-in-law's organization and help those in need!
- Scott Humphrey
I wish I could do more but I hope this helps a little. Thank you for the work you are doing. I hope in the future I can do more.
- Nichole MacNaughton
Please direct my donation to where most needed. Thank you for your work! David and Deborah
- Brian Fierberg
In Memory/Honor of:
Jonathan and Alexis Leslie
I donated in honor of my niece and nephew, who were in the foster system as young children. Thank you for starting this organization, Tori!
- Christina Montalvo
In Honor/Memory of:
Buzz and Sue
Hoping to share happy holidays
In Honor/Memory of:
Sue Burns
To the Dream33 Students, just know an entire village awaits to support you! Tori and Steve, thank you for making Dreams33 a dream come true!
- Dani Gasparini
In Honor/Memory of:
Buzz and Sue
God bless this cause and all the beautiful people who will be blessed by it! Love you Dreams33.
In Honor/Memory of:
Cindi Ebert
This is in gratitude and in memorial of my mom who dedicated her life in education of juvenile hall and had a love for her foster kids she taught.
- Melissa Campbell
In Honor/Memory of:
Barrington, Brennan, Chase, Clark, Hurley, Kockos, Meyer, Stancil
- Jon & Kathleen Weatherwax
In Honor/Memory of:
Scott Wickstrom
Because Scotty loved us all and on this his favorite holiday, we make Dreams come true for others!
- Lori Wickstrom
In Honor/Memory of:
Giving to worthy causes instead of giving gifts to family this year. Love your targeted charity, much needed and a wonderful way to pay it forward.
- Carla Taylor
In Honor/Memory of: Dad
Helping heals my heart.
- Bertha Fajardo
In Honor/Memory of:
Maria Reilly
- Anne Crowley
Merry Christmas!!
- Kari Bernier
Holiday Cheer for our Foster Youth!
- Lori Wickstrom
Bringing some holiday cheer to these foster kids is a good thing. They need to know there is a lot of support from the community. Happy Holidays!
- Deanna Reed
Merry Christmas!
Donation in name of Cody Humphrey 🙂
The Christmas season is such an important time to share our blessings. So grateful for Dreams33 and the opportunity to support them!
- Christina Montalvo
What a fantastic mission and organization!
- Heather Washington
Happy Holidays!
- Bets McKnight
Great work ladies
- Ryan Headley
Thank you Erica and Tori for your amazing generosity!
In Honor/Memory of:
Our Family and Friends During the Holidays
Happy Holidays from the Castricone Family
- Kaydee Castricone
In Honor/Memory of:
Ron Xavier
- Karen Venturi
In Honor/Memory of:
Ivica Milicevic
- Vince & Jelena Knoss