Ways to Support

We are excited to offer you several ways to donate and make a difference in the lives of our scholars. While we have various options for giving, these programs allow us to provide our scholars with the love, support, and fun they deserve, and we couldn't do it without your help. Please read on to learn more about getting involved and making a meaningful impact.

Foster the Fun and Brighten a Scholar's Day

Dreams33 asked their scholars to share a wish they hope to make come true with the help of others. We invite you to join us in showing our scholars love, support, and fun, just like any family would do to celebrate. Please look at the wishes on our Foster the Fun Store Page to contribute and help make a wish come true.

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Foster the Fun

Join the Fun Brigade: Foster the Fun and Brighten a Scholar's Day

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Dream for a Million

Join us in finding one million people to show our foster youth their dreams matter.

Join the Dream for a Million Mission

Join our Dream for a Million mission and help us make a difference in the lives of foster youth. With over 437,000 children in foster care in the United States, we need your support to make education and support accessible to all. By donating just $20, you can help us reach our goal of finding one million people who believe that foster youth deserve a chance to pursue their dreams.

Volunteer with us

At Dreams33, we greatly appreciate the support of our volunteers, who play a crucial role in helping us achieve our mission of providing love, support, and fun to our scholars. We are always looking for dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others.

There are many ways you can get involved and make a meaningful impact.

Learn more about becoming a volunteer

Spread Cheer and Make Dreams Come True

We strive to make every milestone special for our scholars, working tirelessly throughout the year. These young adults face difficulty navigating school and independence without a support system, making it more of a struggle than a celebration. While we can't replace their families, we can bring some joy and let them know that someone cares.

Please help us achieve this goal by donating to our Holiday Dream Boxes program. Your contribution can make a big difference in the lives of these incredible students.

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Holiday Dream Boxes

Share the Joy year round and donate to Holiday Cheer Boxes Now!

Provide Ongoing Support to Scholars in Need

Our scholars face unique challenges and obstacles on their journey to success, but with your help, we can provide them with the love, support, and resources they need to achieve their dreams. Consider a recurring donation to help our scholars year-round.