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Make a dream come true for just $20.

Join us in finding one million people to show our foster youth their dreams matter by giving just $20. Donate your $20 today and join the Dream for a Million mission to make education and support accessible to all foster youth. Was your dream worth $20?

Help us raise the bar.

Foster youth were asked, “If you could go as far as you wanted in school, how far would you go?” Over 77% said they would like to get a four-year degree or beyond. Yet, only 3% do!

Help us raise that bar! Be a part of making their dreams come true.

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Meet Reese

Empowering Foster Youth

Meet Reese, she deferred to attending school because of the cost of tuition but thanks to her Dreams33 Scholarship she doesn't have to worry about anything but her academic performance. 

We aim to create these blessings for as many foster youths as we can. Will you help?

Low educational attainment and unemployment amongst foster youth.

Foster care is a major difficulty many children face in the United States. Unfortunately, it does not only affect them during their childhood, it can follow the children into adulthood. According to the latest statistics, over 437,000 children are in foster care. Studies have found that if these young adults do not pursue higher education, by age 24, approximately 50% will be unemployed.



children and youth are in foster care.
Only 4% of foster youth hold a college degree.


36% of the general population hold a college degree.


Meet Ivan

Foster Dreams Achieved

Ivan used to think that going to his dream college was not possible, but when he found out about Dreams33, it made more options available to him and the college decision process so much easier. 

Can you help students like Jacob have an opportunity to pursue their dreams?

Dreams33 program offerings

Dreams33 offers scholarships and grants. Once accepted as a Dreams33 scholar, students are enrolled in our program for the remainder of their educational journey as long as they are actively enrolled in school and in good standing.


Dreams33 Scholarships provide a unique opportunity for foster or former foster youth to pursue higher education goals. 

The program offers scholarships that can cover partial or full tuition expenses, helping foster youth realize their dreams of attending college.

Educational Grants

Dreams33 Educational Grants provide financial support for foster or former foster youth pursuing higher education, covering expenses such as tuition, books, and more.

These grants help cover education-related costs such as tuition, transportation, and other necessary expenses, so students can focus on achieving their academic goals.