Angela wishes for a gift card for Disney.

My wish would be to experience a day or two with my 3 year old son in Disneyland. My son is my motivation for everything I do. This includes working a part time job, my educational journey and taking care of him.

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Scholar Biography

I have been in the foster care system since I was 5 years old. I had been placed in several placements that included an abusive aunt, foster homes, shelters, and group homes. I was emancipated and became homeless. I struggled so much and ended up finding housing then returned to school to reach my higher educational goal. I now have a son name Joey. He was diagnosed with mild to moderate Autism Spectrum Disorder at 19 months. He does 25 hours of in home therapy not including occupational and speech. I grieved for my childs future because of the diagnoses and went into a deep depression but I snapped out of it and I am doing everything to help him be his best self. We could really benefit from an outing and experience like Disney where they can help us have a great experience with their disability program. I would need my sister to come with me to help as my sons needs require extra hands. Thank you for considering us for this opportunity.