Peter wishes for culinary therapy.

Hello, I’m Peter, and I’m currently in the last leg of my master’s program in Electrical Engineering. As a first-generation Latino and former foster youth, I’m currently on the brink of entering a Ph.D program which symbolizes that “Dreams” do come true. Dreams33 has been a part of my support system and has made it possible for me to see this opportunity.

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Scholar Biography

As I gear up for my next academic adventure, I’ve realized something: my days of conveniently swiping my meal plan card will soon be a thing of the past (audience gasps). However, with this upcoming change, I see an opportunity to cultivate a fulfilling hobby that will double as an outlet for stress and bring a much-needed therapeutic aspect to my new journey and life.

Now, I must confess, my kitchen arsenal is sorely lacking in the department of quality pans and cooking utensils. I’ve had my fair share of adventures with Walmart pans and fake copper non-stick wonders, which seem to have a knack for chipping and shedding bits of “copper” into my food—talk about an unexpected crunch (audience chuckles)!

And who knows? With your helping hand, I might just uncover a hidden talent for gourmet cuisine—or at the very least, a knack for making a mean grilled cheese sandwich.

Your generous support in providing these essential items would not only significantly enhance my overall well-being but these items will last for a lifetime. Through this newfound culinary journey, I aim to discover the therapeutic benefits of preparing wholesome and delicious meals, fostering a healthier and more balanced lifestyle (audience oohs).

Thank you for considering my request and for your invaluable contribution to my continuous academic journey toward self-discovery and relaxation through the art of cooking.