Salvador wishes for a music festival ticket.

My wish if possible would be to get granted a Hard Summer 2024 Music Festival ticket so that I can get to go this year.

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Scholar Biography

I am currently a senior at SF State working on getting my BA in Theater Arts. Over these past few years, my transition to San Francisco has been quite a journey for me. I am originally from Los Angeles born and raised and coming up here north changed everything for me. I have grown over the years quite a lot and to see that I have made it this far is very shocking to me. I have been through a lot as a young adult and have lived through many experiences that make me who I am today. The reason why I choose his wish is that these past few years since COVID a lot happened and a lot changed as well. I was impacted by this change and shift in the world and throughout that struggle found company and comfort in music like never before. I never really grew up with influences in my family aside from mom but she couldn’t only show me so much and well during my time of quarantine I found a deeper passion in me for EDM Music. Before I would even pay attention to the type of music since I would only be stuck in one genre and well eventually I broke out of that and allowed myself to explore other types of genres and get out of my comfort zone. One of these was discovering EDM music and its community. I fell into a different world with this and found something beautiful which was Peace Love Unity and Respect. Music these past few years has allowed me and helped me heal from something personal. It’s been my coping mechanism and so far it’s been lovely. I find music super helpful and a major part of my life now. Hard Summer is exactly a music festival with different artists and loss of new art stuff and the people. Getting to meet new people and make some wonderful memories. I enjoy going to these events and find it so healing. It gave me a new life and a new lifestyle. It’s taken me in and held my hand while I heal and grow as a person.